We Take Your Home Cleaning Seriously

Looking for the best house cleaning company in the Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, DeWitt, Haslett, Holt, Mason, Grand Ledge, and surrounding areas?  Look no further than My Chores Are Yours!  We are dedicated to providing you with the utmost satisfaction when it comes to  your home cleaning.  Trust us to take care of your residential cleaning needs and deliver the exceptional service you deserve.

My Chores Are Yours prioritize the unique needs of each customer and customize our cleaning services accordingly, aiming to provide the utmost satisfaction. With high expectations set by our valued customers and our own high standards, we strive to build long-lasting, fulfilling relationships.

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Professional House Cleaning Lansing, MI

Our team of professional and well-trained house cleaners is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Rest easy knowing that our employees are insured with workers compensation, providing them with the protection they deserve. Moreover, our liability insurance is in place to safeguard you, our valued customer. We go above and beyond by handling all Federal and State unemployment taxes, as well as employee/employer Social Security and Medicare liabilities, so you can focus on what matters most. Experience the difference with My Chores Are Yours – your home deserves the best.

Our experienced staff understands the specific requirements of your home. They are well aware that our company conducts regular performance assessments. Although we have comprehensive house cleaning checklists, our cleaners are highly efficient and will cater to your cleaning needs with utmost precision and in the least amount of time. This ensures that you receive a reasonable cleaning fee. Trust us to provide you with a house cleaner who surpasses the quality of any ordinary maid.

Our schedules for cleaning are flexible, offering weekly, every other week, every 4th week and call-in cleaning service.  Our move-in and move-out jobs are great for real estate buyers and sellers alike.

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Open your door to a clean house!

Open Your Door

While we don’t know a lot of people that love to clean their homes, but we do know a lot of people that love coming home to a clean house.  Open your door to our reputable cleaning company and let us give you freedom from your chores!

House cleaners Lansing, MI

Trained to Clean

The exceptional skills and expertise of our professionally-trained house cleaners at My Chores Are Yours amplify their cleaning knowledge and understanding of various situations that necessitate their services in your home.

Thorough house cleaning company in Lansing.

What We Clean

We thoroughly clean residential houses in the Lansing, MI area.  While we can clean any certain areas as much (or as little) as you’d like, we have a standard checklist of what we will clean in your home unless other arrangements are made.

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